Friday, November 12, 2010

Images 35, the best of contemporary British illustration

Described as the ultimate prestigious jury-selected illustration source book competition in the UK, it fills me with delight to report that the two pieces of artwork I submitted for Images 35 actually got selected. I am thrilled.

The jury for Images 35 are:
Sam Freeeman – Art Director, Design Week (SP and DE)
Harriet Russell – illustrator (SP and DE)
Martin Premm - Director Premm Design Ltd (SP and DE)

Martin Harrison – The Times (ED, AD, BK)
Sheri Gee – Art Director, The Folio Society (ED, AD, BK)
James Joyce – illustrator (AD, BK, ED)

Mike Jolley – Art Director, Templar Publishing (CB, NT, NM)
Fred Flade – Design/Art Director, Poke London (CB, NT, NM)
Geoofrey Pais – BBC Learning - Schools (CB, NT , NM)