Monday, June 21, 2010

'Double Expressive' postcards

Wrote a handful of 'Double Expressive' postcards this evening. Writing and posting letters is so much more enjoyable than email.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jenni Murray's Women's Hour Radio 4 on why are there so few female political cartoonists

With ref. to Women's Hour on Radio 4 last week on the topic of why there are so few female political cartoonists in print in Britain today, one would argue there are many talented female political cartoonists in the UK doing their stuff, not necessarily in the print medium such as the fabulous Jacky Fleming, but online, take BlueLou for instance, she's political and online prolific.

Political cartooning is not my arena, I am however female and a cartoonist and bloody livid about stuff and felt enraged having to listen to crap on the radio about 'women not being angry enough.' When women, in Britain, get angry, we are labelled lunatics, unstable, attributed with untold personality disorders, advised to go to the doctor or shrink or take anger management classes or CBT, and of course, how many times has a woman been told she needs a good shag to quell her rage? It is tiresome. Some of us may put up and shut up and grow clusters of creative anger fibroids-they usually manifest via slow burn.

And now for a non scatological cartoon sans farts, sans merde, sans anything clever and of course, sans humour. It is called:

Cause and effect (Botox)